Wall Decals

Wall Decals


  • Printing: 600 dpi using UV inks for bright, vivid colors
  • Installation: Easy installation, removal and repositioning
  • Material: 6 millimeter matte-white semi-rigid PVC film

Turn boring walls into awesome walls with custom wall decals from GoSigns! We can help you transform rooms to fit any theme, style, or fashion with customized decals that come in a variety of sizes. We also have contour-cut decals for those looking for a specific shape.

Decorate your walls without searching for artwork and paintings with custom wall decals. Reposition them as you see fit; these decals can be used indoors or outdoors and won’t ruin painted walls as long as the paint has properly cured for at least 30 days.

  1. Lay your wall decal flat for at least an hour prior to installation. This will allow the material to relax and flatten after being unpacked.
  2. Lift the top edge of the liner away from the vinyl and fold the liner back approximately 3-6 inches (depending on the size of the graphic).
  3. Carefully position the decal so that it is properly aligned along all sides, then press the top corners into place using light pressure.
  4. Using your hand or a soft plastic squeegee, lightly press the top edge of the film into place.
  5. Working from the top of the graphic to the bottom, continue peeling away more of the liner and applying light pressure to the decal. Proceed in this manner until the liner is completely removed and the decal is in place.
  6. Next, squeegee the decal from the center and work outward in all directions.
  7. Be sure to squeegee the edges firmly in place.
Wall Decals
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