Outdoor Banners

  • Quality vinyl construction
  • Many types to choose from
  • Custom-printed with your design
  • Processed and shipped within one business day

Will the print on my outdoor banners be crisp and clear?

The clarity and crispness of both your images and text on an outdoor banner will depend upon the quality of the design or design elements used to create it. By enlarging a low resolution design with a low DPI rating (or dots per inch), the resulting images and text may appear blocky or blurry. To get the best-looking results, follow these tips during the design process

  • Use high resolution images for your design
  • Increase the DPI setting of the device or program used to create your images
  • Use vector images and text instead of raster images whenever possible. True vector graphics do not become distorted when enlarged.
  • Make sure all images being imported into your design are the same resultion (use the same DPI settings)
  • Avoid fonts that are thin or excessively curved—such has handwriting fonts—for your text

By designing your image carefully, you can be sure that it will look great when enlarged to fit your custom outdoor banner.

Outdoor Banners
Price: $176.04

What material are outdoor banners made of?

Outdoor banners must be made of quality materials to withstand damage from the wind, rain, sunlight and other potentially-damaging forces. Typically, the heavier the material, the longer it will last. We offer several materials, including:

  • 13-oz. Scrim or Blockout Vinyl
  • 18-oz. Scrim Vinyl
  •   8-oz. Mesh Vinyl

Solid vinyl banners will have a higher tendency to catch the wind, leading to a damaged banner or a banner that falls or is blown away. Banners made from mesh are less likely to catch the wind, but because of the holes in the material, graphics and images will not be as clear or crisp, requiring simple designs and bolder text to remain legible. For the highest quality images and text choose solid vinyl and consider removing it during high winds to keep it in good condition.

What sizes are available?

Our outdoor banners are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a height of 2-10 feet, and a width of 2-50 feet. The size of your outdoor banner is completely customizable, and it can easily be printed with a design of your choice.

Some of our most popular outdoor banners include:

This is an image of a Mesh Banner, available for same day shipping at GoSigns.
  • Pole banners:
  • Single-sided banners:
    • Includes 8 oz. mesh banners, 13 oz. vinyl banners, heavy-duty 18 oz. premium banners, and 13 oz. matte banners.
  • Table-front banners:
    • Available in three sizes: Small (28"x48"), Medium (28"x72"), and Large (28"x96").
  • Step-&-Repeat: banners that feature a small repeating logo or design
    • Create a design like those seen in the backgrounds of film premiers. Step-&-repeat banners are commonly printed on our 96"×96" Pole Banners and mounted using our Jumbo Backdrop banner stands.
  • Premium 18-oz. heavy-duty banners

Your banner can easily be customized using an existing print-ready image that can be uploaded on our website, by using a template to design an image in your favorite software, or by using our free online design tool (coming soon!) to create your custom banner. Once your order is finalized, it will be processed and shipped within one business day, in most cases.

Tips and tricks on how – and where – to hang outdoor banners

Banners should be hung in a conspicuous place to draw the most attention to your business or event. This typically includes the front of a building, or the sides, if they are visible from the street, or on poles near the front of your building. If you are hanging a banner on the wall, make sure to use wall anchors for each grommet, and place a washer between the grommet and the screw head to ensure the banner is secure.

If hanging the banner from two poles, thread one line of rope, cable, or bungee line (preferred) through all of the grommets along the top and a second line through all of the grommets along the bottom. When hanging the banner using individual lines (one line or cord per grommet), we recommend using bungee cords to provide wind resistance, and make sure that there is a cord at each grommet.