• Vivid colors with UV protection
    • Simple application
    • Sizes for all vehicle types

Magnets are no longer just for refrigerator artwork and junior high lockers. The magnet has been upgraded to real world application as traveling advertisements in the form of car, truck, and van magnetic signs.

Simply stick your customized magnetic sign on a clean vehicle’s exterior and get to driving! Your car is instantly transformed into a mobile billboard wherever it goes. GoSigns’ 30-millimeter thick magnetic material is capable of functionally lasting 6-12 months, and come with rounded corners to look classy while doing so!

Magnetic signs come in a variety of sizes to properly fit your vehicle or fleet. They won’t block your windows (and vision) like car window decals or stickers. Magnetic signs are easy to reposition in case you decide to adjust it or move it to a different car door or side.

Custom printed 1 side
Price: $29.98
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