Custom Banners

  • Many banner types available
  • Indoor and outdoor banners
  • Easy-to-use online design tool (coming soon!)
  • Quick order processing and production

Do you have an online tool to help me design my custom banners?

Very soon, our website will feature our proprietary design tool that is both powerful and easy to use. it can be used create the perfect design for any of our custom banners or other products. It makes use of popular features like layers to make designing easy and includes the following options:

This is an image of a Double-Sided Premium Banner, available for same day shipping at GoSigns.
  • Custom background settings
  • Separate text layers
  • A selection of simple shapes
  • A full clip art library for easy addition of graphics
  • A tool to upload custom images, logos, and photos
Custom Banners
Price: $90.00

In addition to our online design tool (coming soon!), you can also upload an print-ready design file, or you can use one of our templates to create a custom design with your favorite image-editing software. With all of these design options, it will be easy to create a custom banner for your business or event.

What’s the biggest banner you can make for me?

We produce a variety of custom banners in many different sizes, ranging from two feet in height and width to much larger sizes. The biggest ones we currently produce are typically up to 10 feet high by 50 feet wide. If you're in need for a larger custom banner, please contact our customer service Solutioneers to discuss available options and prices. They can be contacted through:

  • Online Chat
  • Email
  • Toll-free telephone

Our representatives will work with you to find a possible solution. Requests for custom banners larger than 10 feet by 50 feet will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What can I do to keep my GoSigns-printed banners from ripping?

Although select banner types feature grommets and quality stitching to prevent tearing, banners that are improperly installed or that are used in adverse conditions are more vulnerable to damage than those that are well taken care of. Choosing a banner that includes wind slits may reduce the wind load during adverse conditions. Where appropriate, mesh banners may be a better option for high-wind areas. To help prevent damage to your banner, follow these tips:

This is an image of a Matte Banner, available for same day shipping at GoSigns.
  • Avoid hanging the banner near sharp objects that could puncture it
  • Use all available grommets to secure the banner in place.
  • Make sure all straps or bungee cords are tight and securely fastened.
  • If securing to a wall, use appropriate anchors and use washers between the grommets and screw heads.
  • When hanging between two poles, lace the bungee string or rope through all grommets.
  • Take the banner down during periods of high wind.
  • Use bungee cords or bungee line instead of rope or straps where possible.

Please note: If you do not remove the banner during windy periods, secure it by only the four corners, or cut wind slits into the banner yourself, you may void any warranty on the banner.

Are custom banners an effective way to promote my business?

Custom banners can be an excellent way to promote your business by advertising special events, sales or discounts. A well-designed custom banner can attract the attention of people passing by your business and invite them in to browse, leading to increased traffic and sales. To make your custom banner stand out, use bright, bold colors and text that is easy to read. Be sure to feature your business's logo prominently and to get your point across in as few words as possible. Add catchy, witty or thought-provoking art and slogans to make the sign even more memorable and noticeable, and make sure to place it where it will be conspicuous.