Table-Front Banners


Festival, concert, and sporting event planners find that mesh banners from GoSigns.com are ideal for outdoor activities because they allow wind and sound to freely pass through the mesh material. The mesh material’s relative transparency also lends itself for use on store windows, as it allows sunlight to filter through while maintaining visibility of products.

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In situations when artwork must appear crisp, clear, and in brilliant color, a traditional vinyl banner may be a better fit for your needs than a mesh banner. Vinyl banners are a great solution for indoor as well as calm outdoor conditions. Design replication tends to be more effective and accurate on vinyl banners, as they provide a smoother canvas with a superior display of intricate fonts, graphics, and brilliant colors.

When opting for a mesh banner, be sure to keep your artwork simple and avoid “fancy” designs. Keep in mind that logos and messages may appear somewhat muted, so large, bold texts and images with clear outlines are best-suited for the transfer onto mesh.

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