Mesh Banners


  • Material: Custom printed on 8 oz. mesh vinyl
  • Printed Sides: One
  • Print Quality: Printed at 600 dpi, UV inks for bright vivid colors
  • Recommend use: Ideal for outdoor use

Festival, concert, and sporting event planners find that Mesh Banners from GoSigns.com are ideal for outdoor activities. Because they allow wind and sound to freely pass through the mesh vinyl material, and because visibility through windows is still possible, they also have utility as store front banners. In this retail environment, they also allow sunlight to pass through into the store.

If the banners you need are intended for outdoor use and wind is likely to be a factor, Mesh Banners are probably your best option.

Mesh Banners are most notably called upon for high wind conditions. The lightweight mesh from which they are constructed is more likely to counteract the "sail" effect caused with vinyl banners in windy conditions. Using a Mesh Banner will prevent the need for crescent “cutouts” that often appear on Vinyl Banners to allow wind to pass through.

If you need your artwork to appear “crisp” and “clear", a traditional Vinyl Banner may suit your needs better than a Mesh Banner, since vinyl banners also may be used outdoors. If you opt for a Mesh Banner, keep your artwork simple and avoid “fancy” or intricate fonts. Your artwork may appear muted or softer on Mesh Banners, where the same artwork on a Vinyl Banner may project the optimum coloring and replication of your design.

Mesh Banners
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