• Indoor and outdoor banners available
  • Create custom designs for any occasion
  • Easy-to-use online design tool (coming soon!)
  • Quick order processing and shipping

What types of banners are there to choose from?

We offer a wide variety of banners for almost any business or event, and each type can be customized using your unique design. Our standard banners feature either a gloss finish, matte finish, or mesh construction. They come in several different styles, including:

This is an image of a Vinyl Banner, available for same day shipping at GoSigns
  • Standard banners for events like sales, graduations or parties
    • Includes 13 oz. vinyl banners, heavy-duty 18 oz. premium banners, and 13 oz. matte banners.
  • Pole banners that hang from a single pole or between two poles
  • Double-sided banners that feature the same design (or different designs) on each side
Price: $90.00

We offer indoor banners, outdoor banners, and ones that are rated for both indoor and outdoor use. We also over several types of specialty banners, including:

This is an image of a Table-Front Banner, available for same day shipping at GoSigns
  • Table-front banners, which are placed on tables at special events
  • Step-&-Repeat banners feature a small repeating logo or design
    • Create a design like those seen in the backgrounds of film premiers. Step-&-repeat banners are commonly printed on our 96"×96" Pole Banners and mounted using our Jumbo Backdrop banner stands.
  • Window banners may fully or partially fill a window, and are double-sided signs
    • 13 oz. Window banners may be printed with different designs on each side.
  • Mesh banners allow 30% of the air hitting the sign to pass through

With our free design templates or our easy online design tool (coming soon!), you can create almost any custom design for use on your banners. They are available in multiple standard or custom sizes, and most orders are processed and produced within one business day.

Can you help me decide which type of banner will work best for my location and purpose?

We offer many different styles of banners for almost any occasion, indoor our outdoor, as well as a variety of other signs and products. If you are unsure if one of our standard banners will be a good fit for your event or occasion, our friendly customer service representatives can help guide you through the selection process and choose the most appropriate banner for your intended purpose and location. We offer several contact options, including:

  • Online chat
  • Email
  • Toll-free telephone

We can help you through any step of the process, from initial questions to finalizing and placing your order. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

I found an error in my design—can I make revisions?

Before your order is finalized, you can change your design at any time. Simply return to your art file, located in the shopping cart, and make any changes that are required. Before finalizing your order and entering your payment information, be sure to double-check your order, including the following:

  • Color selections
  • Logo placement
  • Image alignment
  • Text spelling and grammar
  • Overall size of the design
  • Borders and whitespace

If you notice a mistake after your order has been finalized and paid for, please call our customer service representative as soon as possible to see if it is possible to make changes before the design goes into production.

Are there any rules to designing banners?

If the banner is to be used outdoors, choose either an outdoor banner or a dual-purpose indoor and outdoor banner. Indoor banners will degrade quickly outside. For designs that require crisp text and images, solid vinyl banners are the best choice, as mesh banners tend to somewhat dilute the design and make text less readable. Mesh banners work well for outdoor locations, because the wind can pass through them easily. When designing a mesh banner, choose simple artwork and large, bold fonts to make the design easier to see. To attract attention, use bold colors, fonts that are easy to read, and unique artwork.